PepperClub Gallery

All members have a history of career levels and responsibilities. Also. A more or less long list of clients and projects. Since the PepperClub is a very new idea of collaborating we´ve just started to collect references and work samples. Well. Triodos Bank is a very fine example of the conceptional and creative outcome. So. In the gallery you see samples marked with a pointer to the agency or production company we´ve worked with at that the time of the making. A few images, a brief introduction and a list of clients, so it gives some impression of what we did in the past.



Courage meets creativity. The new campaign for Triodos Bank Germany acknowledges the changing world awareness of their customers and focuses on their first CO2-neutral investment fund to combat the climate catastrophe.

Of course, the honest imagery is disturbing, beyond the usual declarations of the typical banking world talk of profits and carefree promises.

But so is the brutal reality of our burning, dehydrated and polluted planet. Real photos for the motifs were chosen to bring home, in all clarity, that the house is burning.

In light of the disasters that mankind has created, the human hand is the visual reference point for the viewer. The crystal ball symbolizes the globe; the planet; our world. The world is in the hands of the customer and the Triodos Bank is a solution.

“Your money makes the world go right” refers to the well known phrase “Money makes the world go round”. In combination with the pictures it becomes the vision and the mission.

Credits: Florian Koos, Director of Communications, Jan Miller, Head of Marketing @ Triodos Bank Frankfurt, Sven Ruhs, concept, creative direction, Tanju Housein, strategic planning, Andrea Burk, graphic design, Sanne Gebhardt, copywriting, animation schokolade Berlin, producer Volker Dreixler, sound design, Peter Hardt, Jankowski Soundfabrik.

A bronze medal in the category video, dvd and online and a honor award in the category ad print campaign in the 30th Astrid Awards.