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What´s a good idea without a plan? Not worth much.  Who, why, where, how? Those are the question marks to answer. For solid and successful communication. No matter if it’s a small or single job or a campaign. Of course with a 360° aspiration using all types of media.

Nothing less than putting authentic content in first place. Convincing customers, building trust and loyalty. From award-winning monthly 120 pages sports and outdoor magazines to an unique African life style magazine, an Art book or the Waterfront Magazine Toronto. Print or online. We love to do it. And we know how.



What´s a good campaign worth that fails in production? Sandra´s huge expertise in international feature film production in the U.S., Canada and South Africa, TV shows and music record production, Sven´s award winning ads, commercials, magazine design and editorial work, radio ads photo productions and conceptual contribution to TV Concepts like Green Heroes and AfroKitchen. Bruce´s dedicated work over decades with still photographers, film production, fashion brands and editorial at one of the world´s best locations in Cape Town, as well as Tanju´s strategically focused planning and production supervising of audio-visual content for classic and in particular for online media sets us well-equipped.

Who is a customer and why? Before deploying fantasy and imagination the insight of markets, target groups and competitors must be the basement on which the creative concept and a strategy will be grounded. From the early beginning Sven and Tanju worked together with psychologists and market researchers to integrate motivation research, cognition and scientific methodology into campaign work.



It´s as simple as that. Still. Agreeing with the classic perspective that a good brand secures a preferred rank in a customers perception. The name, the word and design mark, the positioning, the labeling and the packaging. All of it is needed to make a good impression and to bond with the customer in a friendly relationship. Regardless if it´s for a product, a service, a company or provider of content. How many brands did we in total created over the years? Oh my word. Probably hundreds. In sports, organic food, renewable energy, hostility, shoes, food retail, fashion, entertainment, lottery, casino, corporate publishing.