Yes. Quite often concepts need more spice. And yes. Investing in an average or generic campaign is a way of wasting money. No secret. Clever concepts and unique creation are rare. Unhappy with an average agency performance, contracts, budgets, effectiveness or attitudes? Well. Now there´s the PepperClub, with lots of pepper and an attractive modular concept.

Experience is a must. Sure thing. The PepperClub members and partners combine many years of experience holding top level positions. You’ll find more about us by clicking the member profiles. We know how to build and relaunch brands, write storyboards, produce audio-visual content, film, music, radio advertising, create magazines, design print campaigns, packaging as well as online marketing and social media. Ultimately. The whole range of agency work.



So, what´s the difference at the PepperClub. First of all, it´s not an agency. Instead. A network of excellence and freelancers. It´s an association of people who know each other well, have worked together successfully for clients and trust each other.

There´s no fancy agency office. No luxury company cars. No back office. No board of directors. That is to be finaced. Just the people you need to do the job. Clients can go for a single project and hire a member solo or they can get a team that creates a complex campaign covering all media. From problem analysis to production.

The good or promising result of one part of a job might be the best recommendation for the next. If you’re satisfied you move forward with us to the next level; If not you stop where you are with no obligation and we see you again next time. It’s that simple.

The PepperClub is international. Actually, members are located in Germany, Switzerland, Canada, Portugal and South Africa.

Why is that something special? Pepper can change its color. It turns red or green and white as well. Exactly. We look at things from different angles. In terms of creativity, way of life, smartness and culture. We also think that art, design and kindness as an expression of humanity and empathy is a key for catching consumer or client’s attention and understanding. Honestly. Let us all be nice.

We work in digital offices from any place. Meetings in-person and travelling are reduced to the minimum. And it works well for the budget too.

  • Agile approach to action
  • Candid and confidential collaboration
  • Step-by-step planning and progress
  • No long-term contracts
  • Transparency at all stages
  • Full control of each step in a modular system.